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About Startup center

Development of the Startup center TUKE

In 2014 when the Startup center was opened, startup support activities started at the Technical University. The main aim of the center is to create a motivating environment that will help not only students and employees of TUKE, but also other inhabitants of the region in developing their innovative ideas and potential.

The Startup center TUKE offers startup support in various forms, according to their current needs. In particular, it is possible to use free spaces in the center and the necessary equipment capacities of unique professional offices, laboratories and other facilities at the university. In addition, help with creating a business plan, acquiring partners, searching for potential investors as well as expert and mentoring support is offered.



Since 2014, TUKE’s Startup center hosted 35 startups with great innovation potential. Several of them succeeded in gaining support from investors and bringing a number of successful products in both software and hardware solutions to the market.

For example, CropTech – the winners of the Startup awards (in the category “Society” ), Fitliner Training – 2016 Young Entrepreneurial Entrepreneur Finalists, VIZUALIZACKY – winner of the Business Idea 2014 by Tatra Bank Foundation, Chargebrella – Business Idea 2016 winner, EFEOS – Creative Business Cup, FoxBox – the winner of the ACE Creative National Creative Competition – Creative Business Cup 2016 Slovakia and many others.

Learn more about them in the “Startup” section.

The TUKE Startup center within the TUKE organizational structure is part of the University Science Park TECHNICOM (UVP TECHNICOM).