Úvod Incubator TUKE HandCubeKeys


HandCubeKeys is a special non-contact programmable wooden computer keyboard for people with physical, mental and visual disabilities, and for pupils with specific educational needs and have issues working with a traditional keyboard. The keyboard is designed as a wooden storeyed construction with 50 wooden cubes with alphabet letters, numbers, pictograms, modification and application keys (e-mail, browser) and corresponding pictures.

Each cube is programmable and transfers to a computer software not only characters but also images. Keys (cubes) perform their function even without the storey construction, since they playfully develop the creativity and imagination of children and can be used as a didactic aid. Users can operate the HandCubeKeys also with their hands, feet, palms, elbows, head, chin and fingers using the sensor.


Contact person

Ing. Ľuboš Belavý
+421 948 046 121