Úvod Startup Center TUKE AIR2GO


Startup deals with the design of an innovative face mask (personal pressurized air purifier), which both protects the user from air pollutants (viruses, bacteria, smog, dust, pollen, etc.) and is able to provide the user with a supply of healthy and clean air anywhere and during any activity (work, sports, travel by bus or plane, waiting room at the doctor, etc.).

Personal mobile pressurized air purifier, ensures the supply of air directly in front of the nose and mouth, can be used not only during the Covid-19 pandemic but also for allergic individuals, asthmatics and all people working or living in a dusty or contaminated environment.

The solution is scalable and provides several levels of protection from the basic version, expandable to the high-end, which is to be used in the most difficult conditions. The basic version ensures the supply of fresh filtered air directly to the mask. The pressurized mask, even if only made of ordinary fabric, prevents the penetration of possible infected ambient air with a lower atmospheric pressure. The device can be carried on the shoulder, in a pocket, over the shoulder on a strap or as headphones over the head.


Martin Drobný
e-mail: mdrobny@nextech.sk