Úvod Startup Center TUKE BRUT.TO


“BRUT.TO – weight of content with packaging”: is an innovative studio that creates graphic design in collaboration with people with mental disabilities.

In most sheltered workshops, the simple products “just for products” are created, and these later have little benefit and very little demand. The creative potential of people with disabilities is unused, having no real-world application outside the boundaries of creative workshops, day centers or special schools. There is no real integration of this creative potential.

The BRUT.TO graphic studio brings solutions, where two seemingly disparate worlds are connected – the artistic community – professional graphic artists and the home of social services (day care center) the Domko in Košice – adults with mental disabilities. The work of BRUT.TO is an intervention of creative activism, allowing people with disabilities, in cooperation with professional graphic artists, to fully use their creative potential and become real creators. Thus, not being evaluated according to their disadvantage, but according to the quality of their work. Then, the weight of the contents is also weighed with the packaging. BRUT.TO was created as a student project of Tereza Sejková at the Socrates Institute, together with Zuzana Kutašová and others.


Tereza Sejková
e-mail: tesssejkova@gmail.com | design.brut.to@gmail.com