Úvod Startup Center TUKE BRUT.TO


Studio producing graphic design in collaboration with people with mental handicaps.

BRUT.TO – total weight of a product including the packaging.

The goal of BRUT.TO is to utilize creative activism in collaboration with professional graphics designers to help people with handicaps achieve their full creative potential and become fully-fledged producers. We want them to be valued not based on their handicaps but by the merit of their creations. In other words, we want the product to be weighed fully, packaging and all. Our first line of products is created in collaboration with clients of DOMKO Social Services Center in Košice, Slovakia. BRUT.TO is a student project of Tereza Sejková at the Socratic Institute in collaboration with Zuzana Kutašová and others.


Tereza Sejková
e-mail: tesssejkova@gmail.com | design.brut.to@gmail.com