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Startup is focused on the posture correction (incorrect posture) of a person. It involves active modification of the posture using a smart t-shirt, which scans the real-time posture and based on collected data, the mobile application evaluates its change. This change is achieved by various techniques offered by Corvest.

Up to 90% of all back pain is caused by incorrect posture. This creates difficulties that greatly affect our daily lives. According to statistics, up to 80 percent of people in Slovakia have back pain and we spend most of the day sitting, up to 60 percent. Back pain is in most cases indicated by incorrect posture during various work but also leisure activities. Improper posture is caused by incorrect habits. Aware of this problem, we come to the conclusion that poor posture can be corrected by eliminating bad habits.

These bad habits can be eliminated by consciously acting on the subject. The effect on the subject must be targeted to maintain the attention. The more intense this effect is, the deeper it enters the subject’s subconscious, which means that we are more likely to eliminate the original habits. In our case, we create this purposeful action with the help of a developed treatment system. Startup comes up with a design of an intelligent orthosis. This orthosis is used to warn the subject of an incorrect posture through the application. Corvest consists of three basic sectors: Smart T-shirt, Application and Complementary Exercises. If you start slouching, the CORVEST is immediately activated and emits a vibration signal to remind you to straighten the back. The sensors use Bluetooth technology to send a message to an application that records real‑time posture and evaluates ongoing progress. At the same time, it maintains a database that can be used for collaboration with a doctor.

Its innovativeness, in contrast to the commonly available products, is in the active influence on the subject, through the application we motivate subject to react in order to achieve the desired correction of behavior. The motivation is basis, we achieve it in various ways. The subject can have fun and at the same time improve his or her physical and related mental state.


Jakub Lipták
e-mail: liptak.j29@gmail.com