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H&C Mask

Startup Heated and Cooled Mask (H&C Mask) focuses on the development and design of equipment that is primarily used to heat cold air in aggravated and unfavorable conditions. The purpose of the device is to prevent or delay the internal hypothermia of the organism caused by the inhalation of cold or even arctic air.

Due to gradual climate changes, the temperature fluctuates to extreme levels, either too high or arctic. Human spends, as a result of the inhalation of cold or even arctic air, a certain amount of energy on its heating and thus loses that energy when exhaled. The device is intended to reduce the amount of energy that the body must supply to heat the cold air.

Gradual development of the device will be extended to the second, the opposite version, i.e. cooling the hot air, which should slow down the overheating of the organism.

This device, in both versions, is designed to increase physical and mental comfort in an environment that is not ideal for a human. The version with heating functionality can find different applications, whether in the case of skiing, when a person waits for the cable car and does not move, on mountain hiking or even during a simple walk in nature during the winter.

The primary device represents a suitable platform for extensions, such as a Bluetooth connection with smart phones, connection of air purification filters, which may prevent inhalation of contaminants or viruses (depending on the type of filter used).


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