Hiroo is a web platform designed for HR departments. It helps to automate and simplify the preselection of candidates between the stage of publishing an ad and inviting relevant candidates for a personal interview with the help of artificial intelligence. It also collects the data that can be used later on. Hiroo is a tool for discovering human potential using technical parameters. The goal is to give the HR enough information to make the most relevant decision based on experience, emotions and intuition.

In addition to video, analysis of candidate responses, voice, emotions, the output will be also the final infographics of the selection process used by the management for reporting as well as it will contain measurable data for comparison and possible improvement in the future selection process. The second vertical is onboarding. The company can test its employees very flexibly and efficiently based on fully customizable templates and predefined parameters/criteria. Cooperation with a psychologist should also bring the most efficient set up of editable templates and subsequent processing of employee results for the needs of the company. Later on, the platform will be multilingual, making it easy to implement in corporations or subsidiaries.


Denis Sedlák
e-mail: denis.sedlak@hiroo.eu
web: hiroo.eu