There is more than 7 300 000 000 people on the Earth and more than 1 200 000 000 cars. Currently there are more than 3 203 441 cars in Slovakia. Until year 2028 it is expected, that on the Earth there will be more than 2 000 000 000 cars. Every year their numbers increase by more than 78 000 000. In last 10 years, their numbers increased by 50% in Slovakia (2008-2018).

According to statistics, every sixth resident of this planet has their own car. In Slovakia, approximately every second resident owns a car, more exact number is 1.7 residents per car. Because of these numbers, there are often problems with parking cars not only in big cities or metropolises, but also in small cities.

This is the main reason, why we decided to create this project – iPark. At competition HACKATON 2018 (AT&T), we created the first ‘Alpha’ version and won the competition with the second place. We also received an offer from StartUp center UVP TECHNIKOM at TUKE.

Our StartUp is developing an intelligent solution of parking for cities, companies, institutes like hospitals, stations and so on. StartUp focuses primarily on improving parking places, which will be digitalized by IoT technologies, like sensors, cameras and similar IoT devices.

By using our app or website, the users can find an empty parking place with their current location or desired destination. They will have an option to make a reservation of a parking place which they choose. The user can choose the date and time of arrival and time of exit. These reservations are certainly useful for hospital patients, because they can make a reservation of their parking place up to several weeks before their arrival.

Our app is also focused on car drivers. They can use the app in ‘handsfree’ mode to control the app with their voice without having to hold a phone.  The app contains GPS navigation, which will guide you to your reserved parking place.

In addition to other things, our StartUp offers an output of statistic data by using our API. This data is useful for owners of the parking lots who will rent our services. They will see, which parts of their parking lot is the most frequented and which the least. We are thinking of offering this API to companies like Google for displaying accurate data in maps and so on.

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