(iPark) According to the statistics, there are 7 300 000 000 people living on Earth and we have more than 1 200 000 000 cars on our planet. There are 3 203 441 cars in Slovakia alone. It is anticipated, that until year 2028, there will be more than 2 000 000 000 cars. Their numbers increase by 78 000 000 every year. In the last 10 years, the amount of cars in Slovakia was increased by 50% (2008-2018). The statistics say, that every sixth person on this planet has their own car and in Slovakia it is every second person, more precisely every 1,7th resident.

In many cases we notice problems, like one resident that is actively using multiple cars. As there are not many parking spots near apartments and flats, people might have trouble finding an empty parking spot.

This information made us think, if we can change the way parking works and innovate the existing solutions to suit the 21st century. Our startup uses many modern technologies such as artificial intelligence – AI to check, if the parking spot is occupied or empty. It uses IP cameras not to only check the availability of a parking spot, but can also record video from the parking lot, which can help solving any accidental damages on your vehicle caused by another person. This increases the security on parking lots, especially because there are very few parking lots with a camera surveillance system.

We are also using modern technologies in development of our app. The development is already a big step forward, because the app allows to view the current availability of empty parking lots in real time, pay with your phone or to turn on the navigation , that will lead you to your parking spot. Our app even solves one of the biggest problems with phones. It is forbidden to use a phone while driving a car, which we solve by controlling the app with voice recognition. We can search for our parking spot with our voice. We can give commands to the application by saying for example: “Find the closest parking spot”, “How many empty parking spots are on the … street?” or “Reserve a parking spot for me.”. As we mentioned already, you will be able to make a reservation of a parking spot through the app or our website. Reservation of a parking spot is not simple or an accurate solution. We are working on this solution for over a year and we are trying to find the best algorithm for parking spot reservation. At the moment, we want to test a few algorithms for reservation in a city or near hospitals. Our solution received an excellent feedback at the hackathon in Trnava from the mayor JUDr. Peter Bročko, LL.M (mayor of Trnava city) and also from the Trnava cech team.

Nowadays, we are looking for available financial sources for testing of our solutions and we are actively trying to find cooperation for our testing. At the moment we are attempting to start the cooperation with the Trebišov city and with the secondary vocational school Ostrovského 1, Košice, where we would like to test our systems for parking lot occupancy, so we could offer the best services for our customers. Currently, we have support only from UVP TECHNICOM TUKE Košice.

Even in our line of work, there is some competition. There always is some, right? Anyway, we think, that we do not have to be afraid of the competition. They are already operating for a few years in Košice and Bratislava and they are making money, but we are trying to create something new, which would be useful for the residents. We bring new technologies for the outdoor parking lots, that are cheaper for the provider than an installation of sensors to the ground. According to people we asked, the sensors in the ground have many disadvantages and are much more expensive than our solution.

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